May 6
965 Baltimore Pike
Springfield, PA 19064
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Have you noticed the fresh aroma of garden veggies and the calm sound of water in our clinic this month? That is our Tower in Motion tower garden, that we have been selected to showcase this Spring to educate our community on local, sustainable and simple gardening technology that’s accessible to all. Using 90% less water than traditional gardening and zero soil, the vertical growing system brings the plants to you, minimizing physical labor. The Tower grows up to 30% more healthy food 3x as fast in approximately 3 square feet and keeps plants fresh until harvested, cutting back on food waste. 

We’ll wrap up our time with the TIM with a fun salad-in-a-jar party on Monday, May 6 at 7:15pm. Bring 4 wide-mouth jars and we’ll supply the ingredients! Be sure to RSVP by calling 610-544-8500 or use the register button below.