Patient Testimonials

  • John M.

  • Marcella P.

  • Barry C.

  • Barb

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  • Rick M.

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  • I have been a hairdresser for the past 36 years. I developed arthritis in my left knee from being on my feet all day. I also fell off the bottom step of my house and had a lumbar fracture. I tried going to a chiropractor at first but found the pain to be getting worse instead of getting better. My paid Medicine was not helping, so I finally decided to try physical therapy. I came in on my first day bent over in pain thinking I would never get any better. After coming to therapy 2 days a week for 5 months, I am happy to say I am, feeling much better! They even gave me Stretches to do at home to keep the pain from coming back. The staff was helpful and professional!

    Diana T.

  • Patrick I.

    I have had back pain for many years. I have tried other therapies over the past 10 years and had no decrease in pain. When I first came to Advance, I found it to be different than everyone else. The combination of knowledge, technique, attitude, and sincerity from everyone here led to a noticeable improvement. I gained strength and mobility and decreased my pain. I would recommend Advance to anyone who needs PT!

    Patrick I.

  • I started coming here for therapy leading up to my hip, and then came back post op. I truly believe if I did not have therapy before surgery, my recovery would have been delayed. All of the staff is wonderful, and have put all their effort into making my recovery a positive experience. They make you feel important, and not like you are just another client. I want to thank each and every one of the employees here at Advance. Thank you!

    Melinda Z.

  • I came here with back and neck injuries after a bad car accident in 2018. I started off in the pool and eventually graduated to land therapy. You need to trust the process, because little by little I was able to do things I never thought I would be able to do again. I am very grateful for everyone here. They made it fun and I would recommend them to anyone with and injury or pain. You don't need to live like that!

    Karen S.

  • The guys here helped me so much. I’ve been here before for neck pain, and I chose to come back because of the friendly environment. They listen to you, and make your plan of care specific to you. I have made a lot of improvements and have exercises to do at home now too. They really care!

    Brigid W.

  • I came to Advance PT with knee pain. My doctor recommended surgery, but I decided to try physical therapy first. After working with the therapists and my custom exercise program, I am pain-free and no longer need surgery! The entire staff is knowledgeable, helpful, warm, and friendly. I am so happy I chose Advance for my therapy!

    Cathy M.

  • When I first came in, my legs were weak, and I had arthritis pain in both wrists and arms. Even though I do not like exercise, that proved to be irrelevant! I quickly began to regain courage that all is not lost! The staff is amazing and the atmosphere is warm and pleasant! Thank you!

    Louella M.

  • My experience here was very helpful. I had a knee replacement, and my mobility was limited. The team was helpful and professional. I will always recommend Advance to anyone in need of physical therapy.

    Luther P.