Top 5 Physical Therapy Myths

June 15th, 2016
Top 5 Physical Therapy Myths

Physical Therapy, everyone has either had it, knows someone who has had it or at least has heard of it. But knowing isn’t always understanding it fully or getting the whole picture.

PT is one of the fastest growing and most popular professions in the healthcare world. However there are still are a number of myths about PT and here are our top 5.

Myth # 5: You need insurance to get Physical Therapy

Your physician and insurance carrier might tell you this but the truth is there are many out of network providers that will give you 5 star quality care and give you the best patient experience while dealing with all the insurance complications for you. There are cash based options to make it more affordable such as, physical therapy subscriptions, package session deals and even concierge PT.

Myth # 4: Physical Therapy is Expensive

Not true. At all levels in the healthcare landscape, PT is the most financially feasible and clinically effective treatment option compared to less conservative treatments such as surgery, pharmaceuticals, injections and other invasive procedures. In fact, if you have back pain and are told you need surgery you will have a faster recovery time and better long term results just by seeing a physical therapist. You could see that PT once a week for 20 years and it would still be cheaper than a single back fusion surgery.

Myth # 3: Physical therapist only work in outpatient clinic/offices

PT’s are found everywhere even though a lot of us work in outpatient offices PT’s can be in a gym, in schools, hospitals, home health and even tele-health consultations over video chat or Skype.

Myth # 2: Physical Therapy is only stretching or massage

PT incorporates some of this but so much more. Physical therapists are doctorate level professionals with the goal to get you moving. The relationship you build by seeing them for 30- 45 minutes a few times per week is one of the biggest benefits to getting you pain free and moving better. They use specific exercises, strengthening, manual techniques, creativity, modalities, and research to do the right things that are proven to get you healthy.

Myth #1: You need a referral to get Physical Therapy

Most states have Direct Access which means you can go see your PT without a referral or you can still see them and then get a referral. You have your choice in healthcare and if anyone tells you that you have to go somewhere specific always remember you can choose where you want to go especially if you already have a great relationship with your PT.