Broad Street Run Training Commandments

April 13th, 2010
Broad Street Run Training Commandments

Advance will have a presence at the Registration Event and Health Expo for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run. Will we be at Lincolon Financial Field along with many other health professionals on friday April 30th from 11-6 and saturaday May 1st 9-5. Our key contribution will be the Marathon Training Commandments below:

The Marathon Training 10 Commandments

I. I am your body and I need to recover

II. Thou shalt not only run

III. Thou shalt not lift too little

IV. Thou shalt always pay attention to technique

V. Remember to not increase distance right up until race day

VI. Honor thy program and planning

VII. Thou shalt not ignore recovery

VIII. Thou shalt not forget to hydrate

IX. Thou shalt not run out of fuel

X. Thou shalt not wear improper shoes