Foot Pain

October 25th, 2012
foot pain

Foot pain can be caused by a number of conditions.  It can be felt in any part of a patient’s foot, from the heel to the toes.  Some foot pain is mild and can be successfully cared for at home.  Some can also be serious and needs medical attention.

The most common cause of foot pain is ill-fitting shoes.  Shoes that do not fit properly can cause bunions, fallen arches, calluses and plantar warts.  All of these conditions can cause pain.  Exercises, if done incorrectly, can also cause foot pain.  It can easily lead to fractures and sprain that must be treated by a medical professional.  In some cases, where the cause of foot pain cannot be easily determined, a physician needs to determine if there are any underlying causes.

Possible underlying conditions for foot pain are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.  Diabetic neuropathy can also bring foot pain and this is common for patients with diabetes.  This condition causes the toes to experience cramps.

There are simple ways to prevent foot pain.  Wearing appropriate shoes for specific activities can be of great help.  Runners should always wear running shoes and high heeled shoes should not be used for walking. A podiatrist can be of assistance when it comes to choosing the right shoes for pain prevention.

Good exercise habits can also prevent foot pain.  For those who are starting a new exercise, stretching before and after can also prevent possible foot and body pain.  A good pair of workout shoes is a must especially for those 40 years or older.

For serious foot pain conditions, a rehabilitation program might be required.  Depending on the severity of the pain, RICE is usually the first treatment option.  The injured foot needs to rest.  Ice is then applied to reduce pain and swelling, if any.  Compression and elevation follows.

Exercises can be introduced as part of any foot pain rehabilitation program.  First stage of the rehab is aimed to improve the ability to handle pressure like weight on the ball of the foot.  If this can be done without any discomfort, the next stage which is stretching immediately follows.

Foot pain, although very common, should not be taken lightly.  Simple foot pain can be easily treated with a new pair of perfectly fitting shoes, heel cups to cushion the spurs and pads over the corns and calluses.  For conditions that are more complicated, orthotics can be of help.  These can be custom-made or pre-made by a qualified podiatrist in Media, Pennsylvania.