Neck pain – Treatment of Neck Pain

September 20th, 2012
Neck pain – Treatment of Neck Pain, Springfield, PA

Being a common issue, neck pain can be caused by multiple conditions.  Treatment is based on the cause and the severity of the condition.  For simple neck pain problems, self-care treatment can be done at home.

Simple or acute neck pain can occur often but it is not a symptom of or caused by a serious illness.  It is commonly caused by an uncomfortable sleeping position or bad posture.  A simple remedy for this type of neck pain is to move the neck muscles and keep them active.  Painkillers can also help with the pain.  Prevention can be done by sitting or standing upright.  A firm pillow to support the neck and the head can also help.  Using more than one pillow might put the neck at an angle so it is best to use just one.

Physical therapy can also be used to treat simple neck pain.  Once a physical confirms that this is not due to a serious medical issue, he or she can recommend for therapy.  Physiotherapies can include manipulation, hot and cold therapy and traction.  Patient education is an important part of the physical therapy treatment.  The patient needs to know how neck pain can be prevented and how to deal with it in case it comes back.

With the following simple exercises, a patient can effectively deal with simple neck pain.

The neck stretch aims to improve the flexibility of the neck muscles.  Neck stretching can help loosen those tight muscles.  This exercise includes six ranges of movement.  For this exercise, the neck should be stretched until the muscles feel tight.  The movements for the neck includes chin to chest, leaning the neck backwards, ears to the shoulders and left and right chin to the shoulder rotations.

Shoulder shrugs are also a great way to relax the muscles of the neck and the shoulder.  This is a combination of stretching and relaxation of the muscles.  Pull your shoulders up and hold it for a few seconds then release it.  This exercise is very simple and easy to do.

Another great exercise for neck pain is stretching the upper back.  This is perfect for stretching the muscles of the upper back as well as the neck.

Simple neck pain is very common and should not be a cause for alarm.  But if the pain persists for weeks, consulting a doctor is recommended.  If it does not disappear after a few weeks and the simple treatments are not working, there could be a more serious cause.