Pain Free Golf

January 29th, 2014
Pain Free Golf

Pain Free Golfing
Here are some simple changes and adjustments that you can make to help prevent golf injuries:

1) Proper Club Fitting

Proper fit clubs can decrease stress to your body during the golf swing, help avoid poor swing biomechanics and avoid altered postures.

2) Play Golf Consistently

I don’t think most golfers will have a problem with this one. Playing golf consistently will avoid long times of breaks and golf related activities

3) Push your Golf Cart

Pushing your cart instead of pulling will cause less stress and torque to your body and help prevent injury

4) Use a Longer Putter

This may decrease stress and strain while putting and avoid increased flexion when playing around of golf

5) Use a Dual Backpack Strap

Carrying a golf bag with a single strap may be hazardous to the low back, shoulder, and ankles. Using a double back strap will allows for proper distribution of weight across both shoulders

6) Warm up prior to playing golf

A 10 minute warm up prior to playing golf has shown a >50% decrease risk of injury.

Making some simple adjustments can help prevent injuries when playing golf and help you enjoy pain free golf.