Physical therapist in Broomall, Pennsylvania

December 17th, 2012
Physical therapist in Broomall, Pennsylvania

Physical therapy provides a wide range of treatment plan to help patients with a variety of medical conditions, of varying ages and needs.  The responsibilities of a physical therapist in Broomall, Pennsylvania can be complicated and to simplify it, they can be broken down into a series of tasks.

One of the first things a physical therapist in Broomall, Pennsylvania does is to do a patient assessment.  This can be done during the initial interview with the patient.  From the assessment, the best course of action can be determined based on patient history and medical condition. At this time, the therapist will also assess the patient’s functional capabilities.

The next step that a physical therapist in Broomall, Pennsylvania does is to formulate a plan of care.  This will include all treatment to be applied, including how and when.  Equipment and any other prosthetic devices to be used will also be listed here.  A timeline is then constructed for the patient’s expected improvement and recovery.  If there is a need to consult other medical practitioners, it should also be included in this document.

Once the patient agrees to the plan of care, the physical therapist in Broomall, Pennsylvania will then execute it and ensures that it will be carried out to the letter.  The progress should be noted diligently to check for any variation on the desired outcomes.  As needed, the therapist can conduct a re-evaluation to ensure the effectivity of the treatment plan.

When it comes to executing the plan of care, a physical therapist in Broomall, Pennsylvania will work closely with the patient.  Exercises and activities are going to be performed, modalities are going to be applied and tools and other assistive materials might be used as well, in accordance to the treatment plan.

Record keeping is vital to any medical facility.  This is why the physical therapist in Broomall, Pennsylvania will accurately document every session with regard to patient’s response to every treatment applied.  Accurate documentation is also vital to getting reimbursed for services rendered.  Different insurance companies have different documentation guidelines so it is important to be knowledgeable when it comes to documentation requirements.

In some cases, a physical therapist in Broomall, Pennsylvania will also be required to do training and supervision for therapist aides.  Some facilities or clinics allow aides to work with them and they will require close supervision as they complete their education to get certified as well.

Working with a variety of patients with different personality types call for much patience in a physical therapist in Broomall, Pennsylvania.  It is not uncommon for patients to be uncooperative so a therapist must be patient yet firm when it comes to making sure the treatment plan is followed.