Physical therapist in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

November 7th, 2012
Physical therapist in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

A physical therapist is a medical professional who cares for patients with disabling conditions or illnesses.  Most physical therapist in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania are well trained with a variety of modalities and techniques to assist patients with pain, bodily functions, mobility and other limiting physical disabilities.

The job description of a physical therapist includes documenting medical history of patients, testing and measuring the strength, balance and range of motion of patients as well as muscle performance, motor function and coordination.  The job of a physical therapist in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania is challenging as it determines if a patient has regained independent and is ready to go back into his or her community after the debilitating illness or injury.

A vital part of being a physical therapist in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania is the ability to come up with an effective treatment plan that will ensure the patient’s full recovery, if possible.  Coming up with thorough yet flexible combination of physical therapy techniques is dependent on accurate assessment of the patient’s illness or medical condition.

The educational requirements of a physical therapist in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania can be daunting.  Aside from getting a bachelor’s degree from a reputable educational institution for physical therapy, getting a master’s degree or a doctoral degree is needed for career advancement.  And if going to school is not enough, licensing is also required.  Licensed physical therapists need to have continuing education through workshops to maintain their licensure.

A therapist can decide to specialize and choose any of the five fields of physical therapy.  The fields a physical therapist in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania can choose from are orthopedic, neurologic, pediatric, geriatric and cardiovascular physical therapy.  The more specialized a therapist is, the easier it is for him or her to establish a niche and have a solid and loyal customer base.

There are many physical therapist in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania who decides to open their own private practice after years of working for a medical facility.  Once they have enough experience, opening their own clinic is the most logical next step.

A physical therapist in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania and in the entire US is paid a higher than other professions.  This is one of the attractions to becoming a physical therapist.  There are also a lot of opportunities for personal advancement especially if he or she is adept in building relationships with patient.s

As a business owner, the physical therapist in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania can serve more patients from a wide range of patient population with the help of other therapists or therapy assistants.  If a therapist has good business sense, it is easy for him or her to open multiple clinics and eventually increase his income.