Physical Therapist in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

January 28th, 2013
Physical Therapist in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Physical therapists have a slew of techniques to help restore an injured or ailing human body to optimal performance. With extensive training and using cutting edge equipment, a physical therapist can assess disorders of the human body and design the appropriate effective treatment plan

Evaluation is the first thing a physical therapist will do. Expect a physical therapist to ask very detailed questions about the cause of the injury or the illness. The patient’s answers will help the therapist discover the root cause.

The most common health issues the patients come to see a physical therapist are knee pain, low back pains and injuries due to overuse. Therapists usually use passive modalities like ice, heat, electrical stimulation and laser therapy but the foundation during evaluation and treatment plan is manual therapy.

Manual therapy is the hands-on approach of a physical therapist and is considered the backbone of the patient’s treatment plan. It refers to techniques such as massage, stretching and strengthening exercises with the aim to restore mobility and function. Manual therapy can be used to any injury.

Ice or cold packs is used by a physical therapist to reduce and prevent swelling immediately after injuries. What it does is it constricts blood vessels thus reducing the amount of fluids and blood reaching the injured area.

Heat application is another method of a physical therapist for main management and increasing mobility after an injury. This is usually used for injuries which involve soft tissues and making these tissues more flexible so manual therapy can be done.

Other techniques that a physical therapist may use are ultrasound therapy, low-level laser therapy, traction and electrical stimulation. Exercises are also vital in the overall treatment and fitness plan. These exercises are designed to address the individual health issues of patients and to maintain the well-being of the patients after discharge. A sedentary lifestyle can be the cause of many injuries or their recurrence. Regular exercises can prevent aches and pains.

Primary care physicians normally refer patients to a physical therapist. However in most states, direct access allows those needing physical therapy to directly visit a therapist without referral from a doctor. Findings of a research showed that patients who took advantage of the direct access laws have more timely care, increased patient satisfaction, better health results and lower costs.

With the awareness of the expertise of a physical therapist as evidenced by the methods and techniques being utilized, patients will have more confidence in availing the services of a physical therapist in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania without consulting their primary care physicians.

Pennsylvania is the 44th state that allows direct access to a physical therapist.  Patients who have referred themselves to a physical therapist in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania have more freedom when making decisions about their health thus they tend to be more proactive. They are more likely to be more satisfied with the level of service they got as evidenced by the findings of a research. Direct access to the services of a physical therapist results in a more timely care, lower costs and better health outcomes.