Physical Therapist in Media, Pennsylvania

January 23rd, 2013
Physical Therapist in Media, Pennsylvania

At any point in our lives, we are going to need the services of a physical therapist.  It could be for a serious medical condition or injury or something simple like low back pain.  As a patient, it is important to know what to expect for a physical therapist in media, Pennsylvania.

A physical therapist is a highly educated, health care practitioner who evaluates and treats patients regardless of age.  A physical therapist can choose to specialize from the branches of physical therapy so they can serve a particular patient group.

It is common for a physical therapist to get certified in a specific area of specialization.  There are several branches of physical therapy that they could choose from like orthopaedic, geriatric, pediatric and cardio-pulmonary.  Once they get certified, they can then focus on a patient group.  It is not uncommon also for physical therapists to go and open their own practice once they have enough experience and sufficient patient base.

In general, physical therapist will examine individual patients and develop care of plans with the various treatment techniques.  Primary goals for any therapy is to promote and restore mobility and function, reduce and eliminate pain and prevent any permanent disability.

Some of the measures which a physical therapist in Media, Pennsylvania should evaluate on include the patient’s balance and coordination; mobility and speed; strength and flexibility; and functionality.

Therapy can be performed by physical therapist in a variety of settings.  It could be in a hospital, especially for those who just had surgeries, it could be in clinics and it can also be at home for those who have problems getting around.  Physical therapists can also be available in specialized settings like fitness facilities and nursing homes.

Any physical therapist should also deal with potential risk factors that could affect the patient at home. A home exercise program could also be created to ensure the patient will continue with exercises necessary to maintain well being. Physical therapists are also expected to provide relevant suggestions for prevention and lifestyle changes as needed.

When it comes to choosing a physical therapist, always look for one who is board certified and came highly recommended by a trusted person or a physician.  Getting physical therapy from just any therapist might not give you the relief and help that you are looking for due to the therapist’s inexperience and incompetence.