Physical therapists in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

December 14th, 2012
Physical therapists in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Physical therapists in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania are highly trained and board certified professionals who help people with certain medical conditions to improve their mobility and reduce their bodily pain.  This is done through a variety of different techniques and treatment plans.

With the help of a referring physician, physical therapists in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania can come up with the customized plan for patients and also educate them on ways to manage their medical conditions.  The therapists can use any of the available techniques and exercises to achieve a pre-set goal.  These techniques include modalities and use of specialized equipment as needed.

Physical therapists in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania are classified according to their specialty.  It is best to ascertain the type of physical therapy needed to be able to consult with the appropriate therapist. The common goal of any therapy is to hasten healing and prevent further injury or disability.  It also aims to educate patients on how to manage their medical conditions as they return to life after injury or surgery, as the case may be.

For patients who are having problems with their musculoskeletal system, they can consult with orthopaedic physical therapists in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.  Common conditions treated by these therapists are arthritis, sports injuries and even amputations.  A series of sessions are set to restore proper movement, improve strength and eliminate pain.  A combination of exercises and modalities can be applied to achieve pre-set goals.

When it comes to older patients, geriatric physical therapists in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania specialized to care for their needs.  They focus mainly on conditions like joint replacement therapy, osteoporosis, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to educate older patients that they can still live a somewhat comfortable life as they manage their conditions properly.

Children are usually treated by pediatric physical therapists in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.  Some conditions treated can be seen as early as infancy.  Treatment is also done to improve children’s balance and coordination.

Neurological disorders like cerebral palsy, any spinal cord injuries and even stroke patients are treated mostly by neurological physical therapists in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Loss of independence, poor balance and even paralysis are a few common symptoms which the therapist aims to lessen and prevent.

Cardiovascular physical therapists in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania focus mainly on patients with heart or lung problems.  Treatment and rehabilitation aims to increase and restore patient’s endurance and independence.

As a patient who is seeking specialized physical therapy care, it is highly recommended to review the credentials of the therapist before starting any treatment program with him or her.