Physical Therapy and Foot Pain

May 14th, 2012
Physical Therapy and Foot Pain

The foot, especially the ankle, is the most common site of sprains and pain. Foot pain can occur due to trauma, improper foot support, a misstep, even the wearing of improper shoes. Common conditions that result to foot pain are ankle sprain, arthritis, tendonitis, bunions and a whole lot more due to intricate structure of the foot.

Physical Therapy and Foot Pain

Foot pain can be mild to serious. If the pain actually interferes with your normal activities such as walking, then it is time to seek medical care and treatment. Depending on the severity of the foot pain, treatment options are available to address the condition. Medications may be prescribed for pain relief but corrective actions can also be started.  A podiatrist is the foot specialist but physical therapy and foot pain is also a good rehabilitative option.  A physical therapist can give a foot massage and gentle stretching that help reduce the discomfort of foot pain.

Physical Therapy and Foot Pain from Arthritis

A physical therapist can help a sufferer of foot arthritis by helping the patient move around using a set of exercises, massage and heat/ice treatment to  avoid joint problems and improve the mobility and flexibility of your muscles, bones and joints.

Physical Therapy and Foot Pain from Diabetes

Diabetes can cause severe foot disorders and pain which sometimes result to amputations. If diabetes can be managed, it would lower the risk of resulting health problems. Several ways to control diabetes are controlling the sugar level, lower cholesterol level and blood pressure, keeping a healthy weight and exercises. The physical therapist can design an exercises program for a diabetic with the aim to control weight and improve mobility.

Physical Therapy and Foot Pain from Obesity

The foot as the lowest extremity carries the entire weight of the human body. Compared with the rest of the human body, the foot is very small and the load it carries is tremendous. Obesity will worsen the stress to the foot which leads to damages of the joints and ankles. A physical therapist can help manage the weight of an individual and preventing medical conditions that result from being obese.

Physical Therapy and Foot Pain from Sports Activities

Certain types of sports and activities, such as soccer, basketball and dancing, have higher risk of injuries to the foot which can cause discomfort and pain.  Coping with foot pain and injuries usually requires rehabilitation physically. This is the area where physical therapy plays a crucial role by restoring strength and mobility to the foot after an injury.

Even with the specialized field of podiatry, the combination of physical therapy and foot pain is a medical alternative that many patients prefer.