Physical Therapy for Neck Pain – Causes and Cure

May 23rd, 2012
Physical Therapy for Neck Pain – Causes and Cure

The neck is one of the most common sites of pain. Sources of neck pain can be disorders of the tissues in the neck such as a pinched nerve, neck strain or degenerative disc disease. Common and rare infections that cause the swelling of the lymph glands can also result to neck pain. Contact sports and vehicular accidents can also cause injuries that lead to neck pain.

Physical therapy for neck pain

Neck pain could present itself in a number of different ways:  stiffness, burning and tingling. Certain movements worsen the pain but the bottom line is the presence of pain. Chronic neck pain is more common that people realize. The good thing is that simple exercises are effective physical therapy for neck pain.

Physical therapy for neck pain will significantly reduce of pain and offer more long term relief. This will be achieved by strengthening the muscles of the neck which will ultimately reduce risk of injury.  Exercises which is part of the physical therapy for neck pain can easily be done at home with weights and equipment that many of already own. The number of repetitions, movement, and form are all very important so that injury isn’t aggravated further.  Physical therapists can show patients the proper technique in performing these exercises and basic stretches.

Physical therapy for neck pain will also include simple exercises that focus on posture. Physical therapists will evaluate and make changes to the postures of patients so that their necks will not have to suffer. Simple stretching and strengthening movements can improve posture and have patients feeling better. The use of hot and cold packs and a neck support pillow will further enhance the outcome of using exercise to relieve chronic neck pain.

Patients are shown by their physical therapists how to combine the use of hot and cold therapy along with massage techniques to promote relaxation.  Physical therapy for the neck will also involve the selection of a neck friendly pillow that will provide the support the neck needs during the night when people are prone to turning over incorrectly or sleeping in a poor position.

If neck pain is being experience for longer than a week, it’s time to call for physical therapy for neck pain. Physical therapists can properly diagnose the pain and rule out any more serious problems such as a herniated disc.

Physical therapy for neck pain starts with a professional assessment.

This is the first step towards becoming pain free. Once an evaluation is made, physical therapy for the neck will combine exercises, stretches, posturing and relaxation techniques to provide relief from pain. People suffering from chronic pain can have a pain-free lifestyle if they can undergo physical therapy for neck pain.