Physical therapy in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

November 7th, 2012
Physical therapy in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

Using physical therapy together with exercise is an important part of pain relief treatment.  They are usually the first course of treatment when it comes to pain relief.  Physical therapy in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania follows these guidelines for fast recovery of their patients.

In order for physical therapy in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania to be effective, finding the right kind of help is very important.  A medical professional or physician can help a patient determine the kind of treatment he or she needs.  The patient’s medical condition needs to be reviewed first to make sure he or she is getting the right help.  Misdiagnosis or self-diagnosis does not always end well.  The patient’s doctor can always refer him or her to a qualified physical therapy in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania.

If the patient is dealing with a lot of pain, the first step should be to reduce it.  Pain has a limiting effect and the patient will not be able to do the exercises properly unless it is resolved.  There are modalities that are effective when it comes to pain relief.  Ultrasound, massage and ice and heat therapy are just a few examples of what physical therapy in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania can offer for pain relief.

Have a solid support group.  This is especially true for patients who need to undergo extensive rehabilitation.  This is a long term process and it can be hard and daunting.   It is not unlikely for the patient to think of giving up.  A good support group will provide the patient with the encouragement he or she needs.  The support group can also work with the physical therapy in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, to make sure that the patient is on track, especially if there are home exercise programs involved.

For patients on the road to recovery, active exercises are always the best.  Muscles that are constantly at work through exercises have better chances of faster recovery.  Strong and supple muscles also provide better support to an aging body.  Aquatic therapy is another option for physical therapy in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania in cases where in the patient cannot handle undue stress on weakened joints

Every activity or exercise should be at a pace that will not cause any re-injury to the patient.  Exercises should be done progressively and sets increased as the patient’s endurance and muscle strength will allow.  A good physical therapy in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania can come up with an effective treatment plan that will take into consideration the patient’s capacity to handle exercises as well as pain, if there is any.

Going to a therapist is a vital part of a patient’s recovery.  Going to a reputable physical therapy in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania is a must if the patient wants to go back to his or her way of living before the injury or illness.