Physical Therapy in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

November 24th, 2012
Physical Therapy in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Physical therapy can be applied in a variety of techniques and methods.  But no matter what the technique used is, its ultimate purpose is to help the patient return to his or her quality of life because the onset of disease or injury.  Methods used for physical therapy in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania are hugely dependent on the illness or injury which the patient is trying to recover from.

Exercises are commonly used in physical therapy to restore endurance, strength and increase the range of motion of the affected muscles.  In some cases, physical therapy in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania can also assist in improving coordination and balance.  These exercises can be done on its own or together with modalities to increase its healing effect.

Examples of popular modalities are heat, cold and massage therapy.  Electricity, infrared, traction, water and ultrasound are also other popular modalities used in physical therapy in Lansdowne.  Applied externally, these modalities are also effective in the relief of pain and reduction of swelling.

Other physical therapy techniques are manual and aquatic.  Manual therapy is mostly used to deal with musculoskeletal disability and pain.  Its common applications are joint manipulation and mobilization, manipulation of muscles and kneading.  Not all centers for physical therapy in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania are qualified to perform this technique.

Aquatic therapy uses the healing benefits and characteristics of water. It is effective in rehabilitation of patients who cannot handle the stress on their joints when exercises are done on land.  Since a pool is needed for this, only a few clinics can do this physical therapy in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.

An important aspect of an effective treatment plan is the integration of patient education. Effective programs for physical therapy in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania always add patient education for prevention of re-injury and how to live comfortably with a medical condition like arthritis or osteoporosis.

There are five branches of physical therapy according the conditions they treat.  These are orthopaedic, pediatric, geriatric, cardiovascular and neurological.  A well rounded physical therapy in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania can assist patients with these specialized areas.

The success of physical therapy can be attributed to a lot of factors.  One is the accurate assessment of the therapist of the patient’s medical condition and the appropriate treatment plan to resolve it.  Another factor is the cooperation of the patient when it comes to performing assigned exercises.  No matter how good the treatment plan for physical therapy in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania can be, desired result will not be achieved with patient fails to comply fully.