Physical Therapy in Secane, Pennsylvania

November 26th, 2012
Physical Therapy in Secane, Pennsylvania

Aquatic therapy is a physical therapy performed in a pool of water.  It is a therapeutic treatment that seeks to improve impaired bodily functions through water exercises.  A certified therapist is needed to perform any type of aquatic physical therapy in Secane, Pennsylvania and through the United States.

Patients who find this type of treatment are those recovering from neurological and orthopaedic dysfunctions.  With the healing properties of water, aquatic therapy allows for a much quicker recovery period.  Doing aquatic physical therapy in Secane, Pennsylvania needs special requirements so that not all centers can offer it.

Aquatic physical therapy techniques are used to treat physical disorders, to rehabilitate damage muscles and joints and to improve overall health.  Water is beneficial for aquatic physical therapy in Secane, Pennsylvania as it provides patients with support and buoyancy while doing their water exercises.  Overall goals for this technique is for improve endurance, function, balance, coordination, relaxation, flexibility and muscle strength.

In applying aquatic physical therapy in Secane, Pennsylvania, the following exercises can be performed:  walking in water, leg stretches, knee exercises and paddling.  Leg circles, toe raises, side lifts and the tree pose in pilates are also exercises done in water.  The patients should always start with warm up exercised before proceeding to rehabilitative exercises to prepare the weakened muscles.

Physical therapy in Secane, Pennsylvania applies aquatic therapy to patients with back pain, arthritis, shoulder injuries and a lot more. This treatment is very beneficial to back pain conditions.  Weight bearing exercises on land are often times unbearable.  Wall squats, hip flexors and abdominal exercises are perfect for back pain relief.

Although the benefits of the aquatic therapy are well-known, precautions should be taken before this type of physical therapy in Secane, Pennsylvania is applied.  Conditions with fever, incontinence, severe heart condition and infections should not do this.  To avoid falling, patients with vision or balance issues should be assisted at all times.

Aquatic therapy is also great in improving function and in decreasing pain for patients with arthritis.  This is a good option for sedentary people intimidated by aerobic exercises.  Starting the program slow is best to avoid overdoing it is a good procedure to follow for physical therapy in Secane, Pennsylvania.  Exercises for arthritis should cover arms and shoulders, elbows, hips and knees and toes and ankles.

A physician together with a qualified physical therapist should always be consulted before undergoing aquatic physical therapy in Secane, Pennsylvania.  Although aquatic exercises are considered low-to-zero impact activities, caution should be taken so the patient does not overdo it and cause more damage to affected areas.