Physical therapy in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

December 14th, 2012
Physical therapy in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

When patients have injuries or illnesses that cause any form of physical impairment or any loss of bodily function, physical therapy in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania is usually recommended by a physician.  This kind of treatment goes way back to 460 BCE with physicians like Hector and Hippocrates.  They are considered as the originators and were said to have encouraged hydrotherapy and massage.  In the 1940s, physical therapy consisted mainly of traction, massage and exercise.

As a clinical health science, physical therapy in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania is categorized according the medical problems linked to the different body systems.  The most common types are cardiovascular, orthopaedic, geriatric, paediatrics and neurological physical therapy.  As the names suggests, each branches focuses mainly on the body systems they are linked to.

There are also a variety of treatments choices for physical therapy in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.  A therapist can recommend physical exercise, hot and cold treatments, manual therapy, electric stimulation, hydrotherapy and ultrasound treatments to patient as the care of plan calls for it.

Exercise is the most common activity in any treatment plan for physical therapy in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.  It aims to improve the patient’s mobility, flexibility, balance, coordination and strength.  This can be done by doing stretching, core stability exercises, water aerobics and with the use of equipment like treadmill and stationary bikes.

Manual therapy is a type of physical therapy in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania that uses the hands of the therapists to directly apply pressure to the patient’s body.  In a form of a massage, it can be used to decrease pain, improve circulation, increase flexibility and relax tense muscles.  Mobilization and manipulation are also manual therapy although they focus more moving, pulling, pulling and twisting bone and joints into position.  Manipulation involves applying faster and more forceful movement as compared with mobilization physical therapy in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

Cold and hot therapies can be uses alone or in combination to achieve the desired goal.  Hot therapy can increase blood flow in the affected area and bring nutrients to soft tissues and muscles to aid faster healing.  Cold therapy, on the other hand, reduces spasms, pain and inflammation as it slows down the circulation in the affected area.  Physical therapy in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania applies hot or cold therapy directly on the target areas.

There are more procedures that can be used in aid of physical therapy in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.  It should always be noted that only board certified and licensed physical therapy be consulted for any physical therapy needs.