Sports Injuries

October 4th, 2012
Sports Injuries Springfield, PA

Sports injuries can be classified as those injuries that occur during any organized sports events.  These events could include competitions, fitness activities and training sessions.  Physical therapy for sports injuries is a common treatment to ensure that the injured patient can get back to his or her normal life and to prevent any permanent damage.

There are two types of sports injuries.  The first type is classified as acute traumatic.  This type of injury normally results from a single and strong application of pressure or force.  Physical therapy for sports injuries treatment will depend on the type of injury and its severity.  Some injuries do not require physical therapy at all.  Examples of this type are fractures, strains, sprains, abrasion and laceration.

The second one is called the chronic injury.  This could be due to overuse since this type of injuries normally happen for a long span of time.  Repetitive training is the most common cause of chronic injuries.  Physical therapy for sports injuries like these can be tailored-fit to the specific injury.  Examples are stress fractures, tendinitis and apophysitis or epiphysitis.

Various parts of the body can be injured due to sports.  Neck injuries can be caused by too much strain thus leading to pain.  Physical therapy for sports injuries can be applied to non-serious neck pain.  Isometric push exercises helps in strengthening the side muscles of the neck.  Other exercises to relieve neck pain are chin tuck, shoulder blade squeeze and doing flexion, extension activities.

Back injuries happen while doing contact sports such as football or in activities like gymnastics, weight lifting and basketball.  Depending on the severity of the back pain, physical therapy for sports injuries like this would start with modalities.  Ice and hot packs, TEN units and ultrasound are the common treatment.

Physical therapy for sports injuries requires sufficient rest and an appropriate rehabilitation program.  A patient who experiences any sport related injury is advised to do the following steps to prevent any further or permanent damage.

  1. Stop the sport activity once pain is experienced.  Consult a qualified physician at once who may or may not recommend physical therapy for sports injuries.
  2. There might be a need to get tests like x-rays to assess the severity of the injury.
  3. Together with a doctor, establish an accurate time line of the sports injury.  Physical therapy for sports injuries recommendations will be based on doctor’s assessment and findings.

Fear of injuries should not prevent one from getting into sports and leading an active life.  It is best to educate oneself on injury prevention and one can always count on physical therapy for sports injuries should the need arises.