Pills or PT

April 20th, 2010
Pills or PT

In a recent article in Mens Health Magazine called “Say No to Drugs” by T.E. Holt MD, an interesting point was highlighted:

“Drugs can only patch what’s broken. Some do it better than others, but no matter how good the drug, there are things in life that just don’t patch very well. Better to take the effort to keep those things whole than to count on some chemical to glue them back together.”

This statement made me realize how important a role Physical Therapists play in educating people alternative means to improve their health. We often rely on popping a pill for joint pain or taking multiple medications for heart issues. Physical Therapists, with the knowledge of the human body and the use of exercise and natural healing modalities, are the best healthcare professional to utilize and teach management of theses health issues without taking a unnatural chemical. Holt states:

“For joint pain a long-term regimen of pain relievers comes with considerable risks, ranging from internal hemorrhage to kidney damage to liver failure and heart attack. Try physical therapists first: A good one can help relieve the pain and teach you ways to avoid reinjury.”

“For high cholesterol, statins lower elevated LDL cholesterol levels, but diet and exercise can do that, too, while also preserving your joints, strengthening your lungs, and improving your mood and mental acuity. And they can provide a boost in your self-esteem, which is something no pill can do.”

Therefore, your local Physical Therapy clinic (staffed by good PHYSICAL THERAPISTS) can evaluate pain and poor health practices, set each individual up with a comprehensive wellness/training/therapy/strengthening/flexibility program following a course of close monitored treatment.
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